The top 10 list of the best clothing stores in Münster

M&uumnster is a city with a lot of charm and style that also has a lot to offer when it comes to fashion. Whether you are looking for classic elegance, trendy streetwear or individual accessories, in Münster you are guaranteed to find the right outfit for every occasion. In this blog post we introduce you to the top 10 best clothing stores in Münster that you should definitely visit if you want to get new clothes or get inspired.

1. Modehaus Schnitzler
The Modehaus Schnitzler is an institution in Münster that has stood for quality and exclusivity for over 100 years. Here you will find a large selection of international brands for men and women, ranging from classic to modern. Schnitzler fashion house also offers a personal shopping service, in-house tailoring and a delivery service.

2. Buy You Happy
Buy You Happy is a concept store that combines fashion, jewelry, cosmetics, home accessories and books under one roof. The special thing about Kauf Dich Glücklich is that all products are produced sustainably, fairly and ecologically. Here you can not only buy fashionably, but also with a clear conscience.

3. Favorite Pieces
Favorite Pieces is a small shop with great attention to detail that offers individual fashion and accessories from young designers from Germany and Europe. Here you will not find mass-produced goods, but rather hand-picked unique pieces that underline your personal style. Favorite Pieces is the perfect place to treat yourself to something special or find an original gift.


4. Urban Outfitters
Urban Outfitters is an international chain that is particularly popular with young people. Here you will find trendy fashion, shoes and accessories for women and men, ranging from urban to bohemian. Urban Outfitters also offers a variety of vintage and second-hand clothing that you can pay by weight.

5. Kiepenkerl
Kiepenkerl is a traditional clothing store that specializes in traditional costume fashion. Here you will find everything you need for a hearty Oktoberfest or other folk festival event: dirndls, lederhosen, blouses, shirts, hats and shoes. Kiepenkerl also offers a large selection of children's costumes.

6. Zara
Zara is a world-renowned brand known for its rapid implementation of current catwalk trends. Here you will always find the latest collections for women, men and children at affordable prices. Zara also offers online ordering and a click and collect service.

7. Peek & Cloppenburg
Peek & Cloppenburg is a large fashion house that has something to offer for every taste and every budget. Here you will find a huge selection of brands for women, men and children, ranging from sporty to elegant. Peek & Cloppenburg also offers a free change service and a personal shopping service.

8. COS
COS stands for Collection of Style and is a brand that is characterized by minimalist and timeless designs. Here you will find high-quality fashion for men and women made from natural materials. COS also offers online ordering and a click and collect service.

9. H&M
H&M is one of the most famous fashion chains in the world, known for its diverse and fashionable collections. Here you will find fashion for women, men and children at reasonable prices. H&M also offers online ordering and a click and collect service.

10. TK Maxx
TK Maxx is an outlet store that offers branded clothing at heavily discounted prices. You can get some real bargains here if you're willing to do a little browsing. TK Maxx offers fashion for women, men and children, as well as shoes, bags, jewelry and home accessories.