The top 10 list of the best kebab shops in Osnabrück

Osnabrück is a city with many culinary highlights, but when it comes to Döner there are a few addresses that you should definitely know. Döner is a Turkish dish of grilled meat served in a flatbread with salad, sauce and various ingredients. There are many variations of döner depending on taste and region. In Osnabrück you will find both classic and creative kebab shops that offer something for everyone. Here are the top 10 top list of the best kebab shops in Osnabrück that you shouldn't miss.

1. Döner King
Döner King is an institution in Osnabrück that has been offering delicious Döner for over 20 years. The meat quality is excellent, the sauces are homemade and the portions are generous. You can choose between different types of bread, such as sesame, wholemeal or garlic. The specialty of the house is the king döner, which is topped with cheese. A real treat for all Döner fans.

2. Döneria
Döneria is a modern and stylish kebab shop that stands out from the usual takeaways. Here you can get not only classic doner kebabs, but also unusual creations such as the sweet potato doner kebab, the falafel doner kebab or the veggie doner kebab. The sauces are fresh and varied, from yoghurt to mango to peanut. The atmosphere is cozy and welcoming, ideal for a relaxing snack.

3. Döner Haus
Döner Haus is a traditional döner shack specializing in Turkish cuisine. In addition to Döner, there are also other dishes such as Lahmacun, Pide or Börek. The doner kebabs are juicy and flavorful, the bread is crispy and the salads are crunchy. The sauces are authentic and tasty, ranging from spicy to mild. A tip is the Iskender-Döner, which is served with tomato sauce and yoghurt.


4. Dönerteller
Dönerteller is a kebab shop with a special concept: Here you don't get döner in bread, but on a plate with fries or rice. The meat is tender and flavorful, the sauces are creamy and delicious. You can choose between different types of meat, such as chicken, veal or lamb. The portions are rich and filling, ideal for the big appetite.

5. Dönertempel
Dönertempel is a kebab shop with an oriental flair. The decor is tasteful and exotic, with colorful lamps and cushions. The doner kebabs are fresh and delicious, the bread is homemade and the ingredients are high quality. You can choose between different sauces, such as garlic, herbs or curry. The specialty of the house is the temple doner kebab, which is filled with sheep's cheese.

6. Dönerei
Dönerei is a kebab shop with an innovative approach: Here you can create your own kebab by choosing from different meats, breads, salads and sauces . The selection is large; and versatile, from beef to turkey to seitan. The sauces are original and delicious, from avocado to honey mustard and chili. The result is an individual and tasty doner kebab.

7. Dönertreff
Dönertreff is a kebab shop with a family charm. The operators are friendly and courteous, the atmosphere is relaxed and sociable. The kebabs are simple and good, the meat is clean and tender, the bread is soft and warm. The sauces are classic and flavorful, from garlic to herbs to salsa. An insider tip is the Dürüm-Döner, which is rolled in a thin flatbread.

8. Dönerland
Dönerland is a kebab shop with an international touch. Here you will not only find Turkish Döner, but also other variants such as the Greek gyros, the Mexican burrito or the Indian naan. The meat quality is first class, the sauces are exotic and spicy. The atmosphere is lively and colourful, ideal for a varied snack.

9. Dönerbox
Dönerbox is a döner shop with a practical offer: Here you get your döner in a box that you can easily take with you or have it delivered. the Döner are fresh and tasty, the meat is crispy and juicy, the bread is airy and fluffy. The sauces are mild and creamy, from yoghurt to cheese to aioli. A highlight is the doner kebab salad, which is served with a fresh salad mix.

10. Dönerwelt
Dönerwelt is a kebab shop with an ambitious goal: they want to make the best kebab in the world here. The ingredients are carefully selected, the meat is marinated and grilled, the bread is baked and toasted. The sauces are refined and delicate, from sesame to mango to pesto. The presentation is appealing and appetizing, a treat for the eyes and the palate.

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