The top 10 list of the best garden centers in Flensburg

Are you looking for a beautiful plant for your home, garden or as a gift? Then you are right here! In this blog post we present the top 10 best nurseries in Flensburg, which offer you a large selection of flowers, herbs, trees and more. Whether you're looking for something exotic, classic or seasonal, you're guaranteed to find a nursery to suit your taste and budget.

1. Gardener Müller
The gardener Müller is a family business that has been based in Flensburg for over 50 years. Here you will find a variety of indoor plants, balcony plants, perennials and woody plants, all of which are grown in our own nursery. The staff will be happy to advise you on the selection and care of your plants and give you tips for designing your green paradise.

2. Blumenhaus Petersen
The Blumenhaus Petersen is a modern nursery with a wide range of cut flowers, potted plants, decorative items and gift ideas. Whether you want a bouquet for a special occasion, an orchid for your living room or a succulent for your office, you will find it here. Blumenhaus Petersen also offers a delivery service, with which you can conveniently have your order sent to your home or to another address.

3. Garden center Schröder
The garden center Schröder is a paradise for all hobby gardeners and plant lovers. On an area of over 10,000 square meters you can be inspired by the variety of flowers, herbs, vegetables, fruit and ornamental trees. The Garden Center Schröder also offers professional garden planning and care, as well as rental of garden equipment and furniture.


4. Floristry Studio Hansen
Floristry Studio Hansen is a creative nursery with a special focus on individual floristry. Here you can get your dream bouquet. have them assembled from fresh or dried flowers, or a ready-made bouquet; Choose from the selection that changes daily. Floristik-Studio Hansen also offers floral workshops where you can learn how to create beautiful arrangements of flowers and plants.

5. Nursery Jensen
Jensen Nursery is a traditional nursery with a focus on roses. Here you will find over 200 different varieties of roses, all of which are grown in our own rose nursery. The Jensen nursery also offers expert advice on all aspects of roses, as well as a cutting and planting service.

6. Blumenhof Thomsen
Blumenhof Thomsen is a cozy nursery with a rural charm. Here you can look around in peace and enjoy the atmosphere while you choose from the wide range of flowers, plants, wreaths and arrangements. The Blumenhof Thomsen also offers a catering service, with which you can equip your celebration with delicious food and drinks.

7. Gardener Schmidt
Gardener Schmidt is an innovative gardener with an eye for trends. Here you will always find the latest plant species and varieties that give your home or garden that certain something. The Schmidt nursery also offers an online shop where you can order from the comfort of your own home.

8. Blumenladen Meyer
The Blumenladen Meyer is a small but nice flower shop in the heart of Flensburg. Here you will be personally welcomed and advised by the friendly owner. The flower shop Meyer has a wide range of cut flowers, potted plants, dried flowers and accessories that you can combine according to your taste.

9. Nursery Hansen
Hansen Nursery is an ecological nursery with a focus on sustainability. Here all plants are grown without chemical fertilizers and pesticides and watered with rainwater. The Hansen nursery has a wide range of organic plants that are not only good for the environment, but also for your health.

10. Flower workshop Larsen
Flower workshop Larsen is an artistic nursery with a sense of aesthetics. Here you can