The top 10 list of the best plumbers in Bielefeld

Do you have a problem with your water pipe, drain or heating? Are you looking for a reliable, competent and fair plumber in Bielefeld? Then you are right here! We have put together the top 10 list of the best plumbers in Bielefeld for you, based on reviews, experiences and references from satisfied customers. Whether you need a small repair, renovation or new installation, these plumbers are here for you!

1. Müller Sanitärtechnik
Müller Sanitärtechnik is a family business with over 30 years of experience in the sanitary industry. The team consists of qualified and friendly employees who are available to assist you with all of your questions and requests regarding your sanitary facilities. Müller Sanitärtechnik offers you a comprehensive service, from advice to planning to execution. Whether you need a new bathtub, shower, toilet or faucet, Müller Sanitärtechnik has the right solution for you. Müller Sanitärtechnik also takes care of the maintenance and repairs of your heating system so that you can always live warmly and comfortably.

2. Schmidt Haustechnik
Schmidt Haustechnik is your contact for all matters relating to your building technology. The company has a wide range of services, ranging from plumbing installation and heating installation to ventilation and air conditioning technology. Schmidt Haustechnik attaches great importance to quality, reliability and customer satisfaction. That's why Schmidt Haustechnik only works with high-quality materials and well-known manufacturers. Regardless of whether you want a new heating system, a solar system, a heat pump or an air conditioning system, Schmidt Haustechnik will advise you competently and individually and carry out the work professionally and on time.

3. Weber pipe cleaning
Weber pipe cleaning is your specialist for fast and professional pipe cleaning in Bielefeld. Whether you have a clogged drain, a clogged toilet or a clogged sink, Weber Pipe Cleaning will help you immediately. With modern technology and many years of experience, Weber pipe cleaning removes any blockage effectively and gently. Weber Rohrreinigung also offers you a 24-hour emergency service so that you don't have to wait long in an emergency. Weber pipe cleaning is your partner for clean pipes and drains.


4. Meyer Baddesign
Meyer Baddesign is your expert for creative and individual bathroom design in Bielefeld. Whether you want to renovate your old bathroom or build a new bathroom, Meyer Baddesign will support you in planning and implementing your dream bathroom. Meyer bathroom design offers you a large selection of high-quality products from renowned brands that meet your requirements for design, functionality and comfort. Whether you want a free-standing bathtub, a floor-level shower, a whirlpool tub or a sauna, Meyer Baddesign makes it possible. Let Meyer bathroom design inspire you and create your feel-good bathroom.

5. Fischer Gas and Water Installation
Fischer Gas and Water Installation is your reliable master company for all work relating to gas and water installations in Bielefeld. The company offers you an all-round service, from advice to installation and maintenance. Whether you need a gas connection, a water connection or a wastewater connection, Fischer gas and water installation ensures safe and professional installation. Fischer Gas- und Wasserinstallation also takes care of the installation of gas devices such as gas stoves, gas heaters or gas boilers as well as the testing and maintenance of your gas pipes.

6. Braun Badsanierung
Braun Badsanierung is your specialist for professional bathroom renovation in Bielefeld. The company specializes in the complete renovation of bathrooms and offers you a full service, from planning and coordination to completion. Braun Badsanierung works with a network of experienced craftsmen who cover all trades such as tilers, electricians, painters and carpenters. So you can be sure that your bathroom will be renovated from a single source and in the best quality. Braun bathroom renovation transforms your old bathroom into a new bathroom that suits your needswishes and needs.

7. Keller Rohrleitungsbau
Keller Rohrleitungsbau is your specialist for the construction and renovation of pipelines in Bielefeld. The company has many years of experience and extensive know-how in the field of pipeline construction. Keller Pipeline Construction offers you a variety of services, such as the laying of drinking water pipes, sewage pipes, gas pipes or district heating pipes. Keller Pipeline Construction works with modern methods such as trenchless pipe jacking or pipe renovation, which enable fast and cost-effective execution. Keller Rohrleitungsbau is your partner for the safe and efficient transport of media.

8. Wagner Heating Construction
Wagner Heating Construction is your master heating construction company in Bielefeld. The company offers you competent advice and professional installation of all types of heating systems. Whether you want oil heating, gas heating, pellet heating or wood heating, Wagner Heizbau has the right solution for you. Wagner heating construction takes into account your individual requirements for performance, comfort and energy efficiency and selects the optimal heating system for you. In addition, Wagner heating construction takes over the maintenance and repair of your heating system so that you can always enjoy a pleasant indoor climate.

9. Schneider Sanitary and Heating Needs
Schneider Sanitary and Heating Needs is your specialist retailer for sanitary and heating needs in Bielefeld. The company offers you an extensive range of products from well-known manufacturers that you need for your plumbing and heating projects. Whether you are looking for pipes, fittings, fittings, valves, pumps, boilers, radiators or thermostats, Schneider Sanit’r’s supplies have everything in stock. In addition, Schneider Sanit’r’r’r and heating needs offer you a competent service, such as delivery, installation or disposal of your old devices.

10. Becker Badmöbel
Becker Badmöbel is your expert for high-quality bathroom furniture in Bielefeld. The company offers you a large selection of bathroom furniture from renowned brands that will give your bathroom a new shine. Whether you need a washbasin, a mirror cabinet, a base cabinet or a tall cabinet, Becker Badmöbel has the right piece of furniture for you. Becker Badmöbel also offers you individual solutions that are precisely tailored to your space and your taste. Let Becker Badmöbel advise you and design your bathroom according to your ideas.

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