The top 10 list of the best tattoo artists in Osnabrück

Osnabrück’s a city with a rich history, vibrant culture and diverse tattoo scene. Whether you are looking for a traditional, a modern or an individual tattoo, you will definitely find the right tattoo artist for you here. In this blog post we present you the top 10 list of the best tattoo artists in Osnabrück based on their experience, style and reviews.

1. Inkognito Tattoo Studio
The Inkognito Tattoo Studio is one of the oldest and most renowned studios in Osnabrück. Since 1995, the team around owner and tattoo artist Frank has been offering high-quality tattoos in various styles, from realism to old school and Maori. The studio is known for its hygienic standards, friendly atmosphere and creative advice.

2. Black Pearl Tattoo
Black Pearl Tattoo is a modern and stylish studio specializing in realistic and colorful tattoos. The tattoo artists Alex, Chris and Marco each have their own style and can design your dream tattoo according to your ideas. The studio attaches great importance to cleanliness, professionalism and customer satisfaction.

3. Art of Pain Tattoo
Art of Pain Tattoo is a studio with an international flair, founded by the Greek tattoo artist Kostas. Kostas has over 20 years of tattooing experience and has mastered a variety of styles from tribal to dotwork to portraits. He works with high-quality colors and materials and offers individual advice.


4. Skin Deep Art
Skin Deep Art is a cozy and family-run studio run by the couple Sandra and Thorsten. The two are passionate tattoo artists who are constantly educating themselves and trying out new techniques. They offer a wide range of styles from comic to mandala to lettering. They attach great importance to personal care and a relaxed atmosphere.

5. Tattoo by Melli
Tattoo by Melli is a small and charming studio run by tattoo artist Melli. Melli specializes in feminine and filigree tattoos, which she designs with great attention to detail. She works primarily with black and white tones, but also with soft color accents. She will be happy to advise you on your desired tattoo and will respond to your wishes.

6. Wild at Heart Tattoo
Wild at Heart Tattoo is a studio with a rock twist founded by tattoo artist Andy. Andy has a penchant for old school tattoos which he gives with a modern twist. He works with bold colors and clean lines and can tattoo any motif you can imagine. The studio is clean, cool and casual.

7. Inked Soul Tattoo
Inked Soul Tattoo is a studio with a soul run by tattoo artist Timo. Timo has a strong sense of aesthetics and art, which he expresses in his tattoos. He can tattoo you with any motif you want, but he also has many ideas of his own that he is happy to share with you. The studio is bright, clean and welcoming.

8. Black and White Tattoo
Black and White Tattoo is a studio with a minimalist concept, opened by tattoo artist Daniel. Daniel has concentrated on black and white tattoos, which he creates with great precision and sensitivity. He can tattoo you with both geometric and organic shapes that suit your body. The studio is simple, elegant and hygienic.

9. Colorful Life Tattoo
Colorful Life Tattoo is a studio with a colorful character run by tattoo artist Lisa. Lisa has a passion for colorful and vibrant tattoos, which she designs with great creativity and skill. She can tattoo you with both realistic and imaginative motifs that reflect your personality. The studio is cheerful, friendly and clean.

10. Tattoo Art Osnabrück
Tattoo Art Osnabrück is a studio with a long tradition that was founded by the tattoo artist Ralf. Ralf has more than 30 years of experience in the tattoo industry and is a master of his craft. He can give you tattoos of all styles and stylesOffer sizes, from classic to exotic to individual. The studio is spacious, comfortable and sterile.

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