KiTa dwarf uprising in Beckum.

The Zwergenaufstand children's daycare center in Beckum is set up for children aged 1-3 years. The daycare is very friendly and competent. For the children there are enough opportunities to freely, with fun; and to develop in an age-appropriate manner. The physical well-being of the children is also taken care of.

With games and funß the children are brought up very well and thus learn how to get along with other people in life.

Sports activities for the children are offered and taken care of by the childminder once a week.

Children learn while playing. The childminder is very caring and regularly attends further training and courses.


Healthy nutrition is very important in the dwarf rebellion day care center.

The children have a lot of age-appropriate toys to choose from and develop much better in this cozy atmosphere.

In groups of up to 5 children, each child is given the necessary individual supervision.

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Painting offer as offered at the KITA dwarf rebellion in Beckum.