The top 10 top list of the best cafes in Hamm (Westphalia)

Hamm is a city in the Ruhr area known for its historic sights, green charm and vibrant culture. But what would a visit to Hamm be without a leisurely break in one of the many cafes the city has to offer? Whether you fancy an aromatic coffee, a fresh cake or a hearty breakfast, here you will find the top 10 cafes in Hamm that you should definitely try.

1. Cafe Extrablatt
The Cafe Extrablatt is a popular meeting place for young and old, located directly on the market square. Here you can relax on a large terrace overlooking the historic town hall and enjoy a varied selection of food and drinks. The Cafe Extrablatt offers a rich breakfast buffet, a changing lunch menu and a tempting selection of cakes. You can also sip cocktails, beer or wine here in the evening and watch the hustle and bustle on the market.

2. Cafe Kleine Auszeit
If you want to take a little break from everyday life, then the Cafe Kleine Auszeit is just the thing for you. The cafe is located in a quiet side street and impresses with its cozy atmosphere and friendly service. Here you can treat yourself to homemade cakes, tarts and waffles or order a delicious breakfast or lunch. Cafe Kleine Auszeit also offers vegan and gluten-free options and has a small play area for children.

3. Cafe Konditorei Plückebaum
The Cafe Konditorei Plückebaum is an institution in Hamm that has existed for over 100 years. The family-run cafe is known for its high-quality baked goods, made according to traditional recipes. Whether you choose a juicy apple pie, a creamy Black Forest cake or a crispy nut wedge, you are guaranteed not to be disappointed here. The Cafe Konditorei Plückebaum also has a beautiful winter garden where you can feel comfortable whatever the weather.


4. Cafe Museum
The Cafe Museum is a cultural hotspot in Hamm, located in the Gustav L&uum;bcke Museum. The cafe is open not only to museum visitors, but also to anyone who would like to take a culinary break. The Cafe Museum offers a daily changing lunch menu made from regional and seasonal ingredients. You can also enjoy delicious coffee specialties, refreshing drinks and homemade cakes. The Cafe Museum also has a terrace with a view of the spa park.

5. Cafe Schrader
Cafe Schrader is a modern and stylish cafe located in the Allee-Center shopping center. The cafe is the ideal place for a shopping break or a quick snack in between. Cafe Schrader offers a large selection of sandwiches, salads, soups and quiches, which you can also order to take away. Here you can also try various types of coffee and tea, freshly squeezed juices and delicious ice cream sundaes.

6. Cafe Central
Cafe Central is a quaint and cozy cafe located in the pedestrian zone. The cafe is a popular meeting place for all generations who want to chat in a relaxed atmosphere. Cafe Central offers an extensive breakfast menu, ranging from classic to exotic. You can also order homemade soups, tarte flambées and baguettes here or let yourself be tempted by the daily changing cake counter.

7. Cafe Max
Cafe Max is a trendy and young cafe located in the Maximare adventure pool. The cafe is not only open to bathers, but also to anyone who wants a refreshing break. Cafe Max offers a colorful selection of snacks, salads, burgers and fries, which you can also enjoy on the sun terrace. You can also try various types of ice cream, shakes, smoothies and cocktails here.

8. Cafe Mocca
Cafe Mocca is an elegant and chic cafe located in the Hotel Mercure. The cafe is not only open to hotel guests, but also to anyone who wants an upscale breakben. Cafe Mocca offers an exquisite breakfast buffet that leaves nothing to be desired. Here you can also enjoy fine coffee and tea specialties, fine wines and champagne as well as delicious chocolates and petit fours.

9. Cafe Röstbar
Cafe Röstbar is a passionate and authentic cafe located near the train station. The cafe is the ideal place for all coffee lovers who are looking forward to an aromatic break. The Cafe Röstbar offers a diverse selection of coffees that are roasted directly on site. You can also order fresh croissants, muffins and brownies here or be inspired by the seasonal menu.

10. Cafe Süd
Cafe Süd is a charming and cozy cafe located in the south of the city. The cafe is an insider tip for anyone looking forward to a quiet break away from the hustle and bustle. Cafe Süd offers a lovingly prepared breakfast made from regional products. You can also order homemade cakes, tarts and cookies here or be surprised by the changing daily menu.