The top 10 list of the best kebab stalls in Bielefeld

Bielefeld is a city with a large selection of kebab stalls that offer something for every taste. Whether you fancy a classic kebab with meat, salad and sauce, or would like to try something more unusual like a vegan kebab or a kebab with feta cheese and honey, you'll find it here the best addresses for your kebab enjoyment. We have put together the top 10 list of the best kebab stalls in Bielefeld for you, based on reviews, quality, price and atmosphere. Here are our favorites:

1. Döner King: This shop is a real classic in Bielefeld and has been offering delicious kebabs for over 20 years. The portions are generous, the meat is juicy and the sauces are homemade. You can choose between different types of bread, such as flatbread, sesame bread or wholemeal bread. The prices are fair and the service is friendly. Address: Stapenhorststraße 89, 33615 Bielefeld.

2. Döneria: If you're looking for something new, then Döneria is the right place for you. Here you can order not only traditional kebabs, but also creative variations such as the vegan kebab with seitan, the kebab with feta cheese and honey or the kebab with sweet potato fries. The ingredients are fresh and regional, the atmosphere is modern and cozy. Address: Niederwall 23, 33602 Bielefeld.

3. Doner House: This shop is an insider tip for anyone who wants to enjoy an authentic Turkish doner. The meat is prepared fresh daily and grilled on a charcoal grill, which gives it a special taste. The salads are crunchy and the sauces are spicy. The bread is homemade and tastes heavenly. Address: Detmolder Strasse 121, 33604 Bielefeld.


4. Döner Express: If you're in a hurry but don't want to compromise on quality, then Döner Express is the perfect choice for you. Here you can have your kebab served in just a few minutes without having to wait in line. The meat is tender and the bread is crispy. The selection of sauces is large; and you can put together your kebab according to your taste. Address: Jahnplatz 6, 33602 Bielefeld.

5. Doner Deluxe: If you really want to pamper yourself, then you should treat yourself to a doner at Doner Deluxe. Here you don't just get a normal kebab, but a deluxe kebab with extra meat, cheese and vegetables. The meat is veal or lamb and is roasted on a lava stone grill. The bread is fluffy and the sauces are creamy. Address: Hauptstraße 37, 33647 Bielefeld.

6. Doner Box: If you prefer to eat your doner out of your hand, then Doner Box is the ideal solution for you. Here you get your kebab served in a practical box that you can take with you anywhere. You can choose between different types of meat, such as chicken, beef or lamb. The box also contains lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers and onions as well as a sauce of your choice. Address: Bahnhofstrasse 28, 33602 Bielefeld.

7. Döner Imbiss: This snack bar is a popular meeting place for everyone who is looking for a quick and cheap snack. The kebab here only costs 2 euros and still tastes delicious. The meat is spicy and the bread is fresh. The sauces are simple but good. The snack bar has a large terrace where you can enjoy your kebab in the sun. Address: Siekerwall 1, 33602 Bielefeld.

8. Doner Kebap: This shop is a family business that has been offering doner kebab for many years. The owners are very friendly and know their regular customers by name. The kebab is particularly large here; and rich. The meat is of high quality and the bread is homemade. The sauces are varied and delicious. Address: Heeper Strasse 33, 33607 Bielefeld.

9. Döner Land: This shop is a paradise for all döner lovers. Here you can choose from over 20 different types of kebab, all prepared with fresh ingredients. For example, you can order a kebab with pineapple, a kebab with olives or a kebab with hummus. The meat is juicy and the bread is warm. The sauces areexotic and delicious. Address: Schloßhofstraße 15, 33615 Bielefeld.

10. Döner Star: This shop is the star among the Döner stalls in Bielefeld. Here you can get a kebab that will delight you. The meat is crispy and the bread is soft. The salads are colorful and the sauces are spicy. You can spice up your kebab with various extras, such as cheese, egg or nuts. Address: August-Bebel-Straße 87, 33602 Bielefeld.

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