The top 10 list of the best plumbers in Dortmund

Do you have a problem with your water pipe, drain or heating? Are you looking for a reliable, competent and fair plumber in Dortmund? Then you are right here! We have put together the top 10 list of the best plumbers in Dortmund for you, based on reviews, experiences and prices. Whether you need a small repair, renovation or new installation, these plumbers are here for you!

1. Müller Sanitärtechnik
Müller Sanitärtechnik is a family-run master business with over 30 years of experience in the sanitary industry. The team consists of qualified and friendly employees who are available to assist you with all of your questions and requests regarding your sanitary facilities. Müller Sanitärtechnik offers you a 24-hour emergency service, free on-site advice and a fair cost estimate. Whether you want a new bathtub, a barrier-free shower or a modern heating system, Müller sanitary technology will make your every dream come true!

2. Schmidt Haustechnik
Schmidt Haustechnik is your partner for all types of building technology, from plumbing installation to heating technology to electrical engineering. The company has many years of experience and high quality standards. Schmidt Haustechnik works with well-known manufacturers and offers you individual planning, professional execution and reliable service. Whether you need a new heating system, a solar system or a ventilation system, Schmidt Haustechnik has the right solution for you!

3. Weber pipe cleaning
Weber pipe cleaning is your specialist for the quick and professional removal of all kinds of pipe blockages. Whether in the kitchen, bathroom or basement, Weber pipe cleaning comes to you with the latest technology and solves your problem in no time. Weber Rohrreinigung offers you a 24-hour emergency service, transparent pricing and a guarantee on the work carried out. Whether you have a clogged sink, a clogged toilet or a clogged gutter, Weber Pipe Cleaning will clear everything up!


4. Fischer Heating Technology
Fischer Heating Technology is your expert for the efficient and environmentally friendly use of renewable energies. The company will provide you with expert advice on the various options for generating heat, such as heat pumps, biomass heating or solar thermal energy. Fischer Warmetechnik plans and installs your system according to your needs and offers you a comprehensive service from maintenance to repair. Whether you reduce your heating costs, your CO2 emissions; reduce or simply want to enjoy more comfort, Fischer Heating Technology can help you!

5. Schneider Badsanierung
Schneider Badsanierung is your contact for the complete redesign of your bathroom. The company has a wide range of high-quality materials, fittings and furniture to suit every taste and budget. Schneider Badsanierung takes over the entire planning, coordination and execution of your project and guarantees you a perfect result. Whether you want to modernize your bathroom, enlarge it or make it barrier-free, Schneider bathroom renovation will turn your bathroom into an oasis of well-being!

6. Meyer Gas- und Wasserinstallation
Meyer Gas- und Wasserinstallation is your specialist company for all questions relating to your gas and water pipes. The company offers you professional installation, regular inspection and safe maintenance of your systems. Meyer gas and water installation works according to the latest safety standards and only uses tested materials. Whether you need a gas connection, a water meter or a pressure reduction, Meyer gas and water installation ensures smooth operation!

7. Wagner Heating Construction
Wagner Heating Construction is your specialist for the planning, installation and maintenance of all types of heating systems. The company offers you individual advice, a tailor-made solution and first-class service. Wagner Heizenbau works with the leading manufacturers of heating systems and offers you high energy efficiency, a long service life and optimal functionality. Whether SiWhether you want oil heating, gas heating or underfloor heating, Wagner Heizungsbau has the right offer for you!

8. Braun Plumbing and Heating Supplies
Braun Plumbing and Heating Supplies is your specialist store for everything you need for your plumbing and heating systems. The company has a large range of products from renowned brands that you can purchase at affordable prices. Braun Sanitary and Heating Supplies also offers you a delivery service, an assembly service and a repair service. Whether you need a new fitting, a new boiler or a new thermostat, Braun Sanitary and Heating Supplies has everything in stock!

9. Keller Rohrleitungsbau
Keller Rohrleitungsbau is your partner for the construction, renewal and rehabilitation of all types of pipelines. The company has many years of experience and qualified staff Will be at your side for every project. Keller Rohrleitungsbau offers you expert advice, precise execution and timely completion. Whether you need a drinking water pipe, a sewer pipe or a district heating pipe, Keller Rohrleitungsbau will do everything according to your wishes!

10. Weber bathroom design
Weber bathroom design is your creative studio for the individual design of your bathroom. The company offers you professional 3D planning, personal support and high-quality implementation of your dream bathroom. Weber Baddesign works with selected partners who offer you a diverse selection of design elements, colors and materials. Whether you want a minimalist, rustic or luxurious bathroom, Weber bathroom design makes it possible!

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