The top 10 top list of the best organic shops in Osnabrück

Organic stores are a great alternative to conventional supermarkets if you value fresh, regional and organic food. In Osnabrück there are many organic shops that have a wide range of fruit, vegetables, bread, cheese, meat and much more. In this blog post we present you the top 10 list of the best organic shops in Osnabrück that you should definitely visit.

1. Biohof Meyer: This organic shop is a family business that has been practicing organic farming for over 30 years. Here you will not only find seasonal, home-grown fruit and vegetables, but also homemade jams, juices, honey and eggs. There is also a small selection of organic products from other regional producers. The Biohof Meyer is located a little outside of Osnabrück, but is easy to reach by bike or bus.

2. Naturkost Elkershausen: This organic shop is one of the oldest in Osnabrück and offers a large selection of organic food from all over the world. Here you can stock up on everything you need for a healthy and varied diet: from fruit and vegetables to grains and legumes to dairy products, meat, fish and tofu . There is also a bakery, a cheese shop, a butcher's shop and a café. in the store.

3. BioMarkt Schinkel: This organic store is a modern supermarket that specializes in organic products. Here you will find everything you are used to in a normal supermarket, only in organic quality: from fresh baked goods to dairy products and frozen foods to drugstore items and household goods. The BioMarkt Schinkel also has its own kitchen, which offers daily changing dishes to take away or eat on site.


4. Organic garden shipping: This organic shop is an online shop that delivers organic food directly to your home. You can choose from an extensive range of fruit, vegetables, bread, cheese, meat, drinks and much more and have your order conveniently delivered to you by parcel service or courier. Biogarten Versand works with many regional organic farmers and guarantees high quality and freshness of the products.

5. Naturata: This organic shop is a specialist shop for natural foods and natural goods in Osnabrück city center. Here you can not only get organic food, but also natural cosmetics, organic fashion, toys, books and gift items. Naturata attaches great importance to sustainability and fairness and supports various social and ecological projects. There is also a cozy bistro area in the store where you can enjoy delicious snacks and drinks.

6. Hofladen Wulferdingsen: This organic shop is a farm shop on an organic farm in Wulferdingsen, a district of Osnabrück. Here you can buy fresh home-grown fruit and vegetables, as well as eggs, milk, cheese and meat from the farm's own animals. The Wulferdingsen farm shop also has a small petting zoo with goats, sheep, chickens and rabbits, where you can experience the animals up close.

7. Dandelion: This organic shop is a small shop in the old town of Osnabrück that specializes in vegan and vegetarian products. Here you will find everything you need for a plant-based diet: from tofu and seitan to pasta and rice to spreads and sweets. The Dandelion also has a small counter with fresh salads, wraps, sandwiches and cakes for take-away or dine-in.

8. BioBäcker Effenberger: This organic shop is a bakery that exclusively produces organic baked goods. Here you can get fresh bread, rolls, croissants, cakes and pastries made from organic flour, organic butter, organic eggs and organic ingredients. The BioBäcker Effenberger does not use any artificial additives or preservatives and bakes according to traditional recipes and methods. You can buy the baked goods in the store or have them delivered.

9. BioCompany: This organic store is an organic supermarket chain that has several branches in Osnabrück. Here you will find a wide range of organic food, natural cosmetics, organic textiles and household items. BioCompany also offers a delivery service with which you can have your purchases delivered to Hcan have it taken out. BioCompany is a member of the Federal Association of Natural Foods and is committed to an ecological and social economy.

10. Hofcafé Niedernholz: This health food store is a café; on an organic farm in Niedernholz, a district of Osnabrück. Here you can eat homemade cakes, tarts, waffles and ice cream made from organic ingredients, as well as drink organic coffee, tea, juice and milk. The Hofcafé Niedernholz also has a small farm shop where you can buy organic products from the farm and other regional producers.

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