Kiosk Eiskeller in Beckum

The Eiskeller kiosk in Beckum is a small but cozy shop that, in addition to magazines, newspapers, confectionery and drinks, also offers fresh bread rolls every day. The kiosk is located at Stromberger Strasse 16.

Tel: 02521874612

The Eiskeller kiosk is a family business. The kiosk offers its customers a friendly and personal atmosphere, as well as a large selection of products. Particularly popular are the sandwiches, which are freshly prepared, as well as the ice cream, which is available in different flavors.

The Eiskeller kiosk is an ideal place for a short break or a small snack in between. It is also a meeting point for the residents of Beckum, who like to chat and exchange ideas here. The Eiskeller kiosk is part of the local history and culture of Beckum and deserves to be included in the guide.