Sights in Beckum.

The best sights in Beckum are listed on this page. Convince yourself of this when you visit Beckum.


Höxberg nature experience

Soestwarte 1, 59269 Beckum


Höxberg nature experience (

Google Ranking 4.5

Various little animals are kept on the Höxberg. From deer to pigs to all sorts of birds.

In the aviary on the Höxberg you can marvel at a wide variety of parrots from all over the world.


War Memorial

Hammer Str. 10, 59269 Beckum

War memorial - - virtual city tour of Beckum - Leifhelm Panorama

Google Ranking 4.8


Windmill On The Höxberg

59269 Beckum

Windmill - Heimatverein Beckum (

Google Ranking 4.7

An image with windmills as is the case with the best attractions in Beckum.